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As a passionate Software Developer, I maintain, as a top priority, a desire for learning and experimenting with new technologies, libraries and platforms. The focus of my career so far has been Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, powerful platforms that convey entertainment, training and support to a vast number of activities we all engage with every day.

My professional experience has been mainly revolving around NET, related APIs, Microsoft services and technologies; including Microsoft's Mixed Reality hardware and Cognitive Services, using Unity as the main development engine. My work and passion led to an invitation to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond (US), to oversee a workshop related to Machine Learning Services, IoT and Mixed Reality.

After extensive work and research on leveraging libraries and services in Mixed Reality, I collaborated on creating some of the Microsoft HoloLens Academy documentation and training material (including a Mixed Reality LinkedIn Learning Course) for other developers who are passionate about these technologies.

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